Continuous quality improvement

The high standards at the Day Clinic “Tagesklinik Am Brand” are the result of our long experience. Since 1997, we have continuously worked towards improving our premises, our service and also our organizational workflows. Given this permanent optimization process, today surgeons and patients alike profit from a setting that is perfectly adapted to their needs. Read more about the development of our clinic in our timeline.


Opening of the outpatient surgical centre headed by Dr. Andreas Bartels, on the 4th floor of the medical centre located at the address Am Brand 12 in the city of Mainz. The premises cover 380 square metres, comprising two state-of-the-art operating rooms with sterilization facility, recovery room and four rooms for overnight stays as well as doctors’ consulting rooms and examination rooms. With the initial core team consisting of a surgical nurse, a nurse anaesthetist, a medical assistant, a trainee and a junior doctor, up to 30 operations are performed per week. The majority of these surgical inventions are carried out in the fields of gynaecology, otolaryngology and proctology. Since the clinic has the resources to provide overnight care to patients if required, it is granted a private hospital license in accordance with section 30 of the German Industrial Code. The option to perform surgical procedures in the clinic attracts further specialists to set up practices in the building. Thus, an otolaryngology practice, an orthopaedic practice and a surgical practice are opened in the building Am Brand 12.


With the establishment of an anaesthetic group practice together with Dr. Luise Reue, the foundation stone for the extension of the Day Clinic is laid.


The clinic rents additional space of 140 square metres, and a third operating room is opened. The range of interventions is extended to include surgical, urological, neurosurgical and ophthalmological procedures.


The anaesthesiologist Dr. Werner Fischer joins the Day Clinic as a third partner.


Due to new health policy requirements, direct contractual relationships between the Day Clinic and health insurers may be entered into. These “integrated health care contracts” enable more and more surgical operations initially planned to be carried out in hospital to be performed in the Day Clinic, thus providing for a growing utilization of the clinic’s capacities. This fact, together with the even more stringent requirements as regards hygiene and quality, is the catalyst to the decision to further expand and extend the Day Clinic. The new Day Clinic is established on a space of 1 065 square metres on the 5th floor of the building Am Brand 12. Now, the clinic features four operating rooms with a space of up to 35 sqm each and new, modernly equipped and pleasantly furnished and decorated patient rooms, thus also enabling further improved organizational workflows to be implemented, in particular with a view to the patients’ needs.


Dr. Andreas Bartels, Dr. Luise Reue and Dr. Werner Fischer open up the new clinic rooms on the 5th floor. This achievement is crowned with certification to DIN ISO 9001. Parts of the former surgery rooms on the 4th floor are converted into a new centre for operative dental care by Dr. Christian Lang, a new partner. Thus, the clinic, with a staff of 36 is now directed by four senior anaesthesiologists as partners. More than 30 surgeons with office-based (outpatient) practices make use of the Day Clinic’s infrastructure. 6 000 operations, including a high proportion of complex surgical interventions replacing hospital-based surgical procedures such as hysterectomy (removal of the womb), are carried out every year. Direct health care contracts have been signed with more than 100 health insurers within the concept of integrated care.


With the cooperation with the Musculoskeletal Centre of the University Hospital of the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz starting in mid-2010, a long-standing wish for cooperation with a hospital-based healthcare provider in Mainz comes true. Further cooperation arrangements with other departments of the “University Medical Center”, as the University Hospital is called now, follow.


Dr. Marcel Rähmer joins the clinic as a new partner, who is going to replace Dr. Luise Reue in 2013.


Dr. Marcel Rähmer replaces Dr. Luise Reue as a partner. Dr. Luise Reue continues to be available as an anaesthesiologist to the Day Clinic. Due to new legislation, the cooperation with the Center for Musculoskeletal Surgery of the Mainz University Medical Center, which had been very successful for both parties, has to be terminated.


Departure of Dr. Christian Lang, who was in charge of paediatric dental treatment under anaesthesia at the Day Clinic from 2009 to 2014.


Dr. Andreas Bartels, chief anaesthesiologist of the Day Clinic, is elected Chairman of the Regional Association of Statutory Health Insurance-Accredited Physicians of Rhineland Palatinate (KV RLP).

20th anniversary of Tagesklinik Am Brand. Meanwhile, it carries out outpatient surgery and interventions with a short-term inpatient stay in 12 medical specialities, including lumbar disc surgery.