Sicherheit und Wärme in der Tagesklinik Am Brand


Feel cared for and safe

In our Day Clinic, both surgeons with outpatient offices and hospital-based surgeons can perform surgical operations as outpatient procedures or with short-term hospitalization. This benefits both sides. In particular, patients appreciate the short waiting times and the friendly care and attention. Our Day Clinic performs only planned surgeries and, as a result, the procedures are usually carried out as scheduled. The surgeons find the operating room perfectly prepared, so that they can fully focus on what matters most: their patients. After the operation, our clinic staff will care for the patients until they are fit again and may be picked up from our discharge lounge – if necessary, patients are also cared for overnight.

Mission statement

All employees of our Day Clinic are committed to a common mission:

Medicine for people…

  • with heart and mind
  • with empathy and quality
  • with care and responsibility
  • with team spirit and expertise
  • with reason and innovation