Frequently Asked Questions

We help you make your decision

Before undergoing a surgical intervention, a lot of questions will arise. To make the right decision, you need some information. Not only medical aspects must be taken into account, but also organizational ones. Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions in this context.


  • What is the difference between the Day Clinic “Tagesklinik am Brand” and a hospital?
    • In a hospital, people with serious illnesses are cared for, for which inpatient treatment is indispensable. Many treatment workflows are standardized. Although planned surgical procedures are scheduled, it is often necessary to postpone scheduled operations, since emergency cases must be treated first. Our Day Clinic addresses patients who have to undergo a particular surgical procedure, but are otherwise healthy. Treatment is largely tailored to the individual needs and wishes of the patient. This is reflected by the fact that the patient knows his/her surgeon personally, and an appointment for the operation is agreed individually between patient and surgeon. Patients can be sure that the procedure will be performed not only on the scheduled day, but even at the scheduled time. Our Day Clinic works exclusively with highly specialized surgeons who are capable of performing the procedure on an outpatient basis or with a short inpatient stay. This prevents infections caused by dangerous hospital germs.
  • What benefits do I have if I choose the Day Clinic for my operation?
    • The doctor of your choice will perform the operation and you will be well informed about the course of the procedure. You can arrange an individual appointment with the Day Clinic and the surgeon for the operation to suit your own timetable. Our convenient city centre location invites accompanying partners, relatives or friends to do some shopping or go for a stroll while waiting for a patient who is undergoing an outpatient surgical procedure. Most of our patients will leave the Day Clinic on the same day and will recover at home, in their own familiar surroundings. Patients who have to stay at the clinic for a couple of days will enjoy the service they are used to from a good hotel in our comfortable single or twin rooms with individual care, a choice of drinks and meals and the option to receive visitors at any time of day or night.
  • Do I have to pay more for all these comforts than for a hospital stay?
    • No – in most cases, even the so-called “copayment” for hospital treatment under the German statutory health insurance scheme does not have to be made. In case of outpatient surgery, the costs will be covered by the health insurers anyway; for overnight stays in the Day Clinic, direct contracts with many health insurers (within the framework of the “integrated care”-IV scheme) are in place, under which the costs are covered.
  • How are the fees charged? Is the Day Clinic for private patients only?
    • No. Although the Day Clinic is a private hospital within the meaning of section 30 of the German Industrial Code, minor surgical procedures for people with statutory health insurance are usually charged to the insurance card and thus covered by the health insurance institution, since the Day Clinic is a health care provider covered by statutory health insurance. For cases in which inpatient treatment is advisable, direct contracts with many German statutory health insurance institutions are in place, under which the costs are charged directly to the health insurer. We will be happy to advise you in this regard.
  • What happens in case of any complications occurring during or after surgery? Do I have to be transferred to a hospital then?
    • All patients undergoing surgery in the Day Clinic, whether as outpatients or with a short-term inpatient stay, will be cared for around the clock. An on-duty doctor of the Day Clinic can be reached via mobile at any time. On workdays, the Day Clinic is open 24 hours, so there is no need of transferring patients to hospital if they do not feel well. In case you are not able to go home as planned after a surgical procedure, e. g. due to severe pain or serious circulation problems, we will care for you until you are well enough to leave. An exception is the unlikely event that a patient must be treated at an intensive care unit, which occurs very rarely. For this case, cooperation arrangements with nearby hospitals are in place (Mainz University Hospital, Mainz Roman Catholic Hospital (KKM)).
  • What kinds of surgery can be performed at the Day Clinic?
    • All surgical operations that may be performed as outpatient procedures or with a short-term inpatient stay (i. e. up to three days). For an overview of the treatments offered by the surgeons with whom we cooperate, please refer to the menu item Our Medical Specialties.
  • How long do I have to wait for an appointment for my operation?
    • Long waiting times for an appointment for your operation are not to be expected, and you can agree the date for the operation individually with your surgeon – an added plus. If you are insured by statutory health insurance and your insurance institution has signed a direct contract (integrated care) with our Clinic, the waiting time will usually not be longer than 1 – 2 weeks.
  • How will I learn when my operation is going to be performed?
    • You agree on the date of your operation with your surgeon. A few days before the scheduled appointment for the operation, either your surgeon will tell you the exact time when you should be at the clinic, or you can contact the Day Clinic directly 1 – 2 days prior to the operation date. Just call the phone number you find on your checklist.