Inpatient treatment

Tranquility and relaxation

In our Day Clinic, patients will also receive inpatient treatment if necessary after a surgical intervention. Here, they can recover in an atmosphere of warmth and security.

Our patients enjoy the friendly care provided by our relaxed team. Our staff members attend to patients in a cherishing way. Smooth processes make your stay as pleasant an experience as possible. As for outpatients, our anaesthesiologists are the first point of contact also for inpatients. Physicians and nurses are always available to you. We care for you!

Just like a hotel

Since only scheduled operations are performed, the room assignment is fixed well in advance. Experts have taken care of the furnishing of the patients’ rooms with a view to creating a homely ambience, so our patients can feel like in a hotel while staying in one of our six single and twin rooms.

  • Before the operation
    • Before your operation in the Day Clinic takes place, please come during our open consultation hours for a premedication consultation to us. Among other topics, in this consultation you will be informed about the type of anaesthesia to be used, e. g. general anaesthesia or regional anaesthesia. Our anaesthesiologists take their time for this meeting in order for you to get to know them and for them to get an impression of the patient “as a whole”. Another important topic that will be dealt with in this premedication consultation is the question of medicines the patient takes. If patients are on a permanent medication, this will usually be maintained when an operation is carried out. Your anaesthesiologist will give you detailed information on this. To make your experience go as smoothly as possible, please take note of our checklist.
  • On the day of the operation
    • After the operation you can recover in “your” room for one to three days. The work routines in the inpatient area of our Day Clinic are geared towards the needs of our patients. We want you to feel well! Not only will you enjoy our range of tasty meals to choose from and the care provided by our qualified and attentive staff, you will also experience pure relaxation. Your stay with us will have nothing in common with the often burdensome experience of a stay in hospital. Quite to the contrary: In our Day Clinic, it’s not the patient who has to adapt to the hospital routines, but the other way round: We adapt our routines to create optimum conditions for you to recover!
  • Cost absorption
    • For many types of surgery, requiring the patient to stay overnight or for a couple of days in our clinic, direct contracts between the Day Clinic and various statutory health insurance institutions in Germany are in place. Thus, if your health insurer has signed a direct contract (within the framework of “integrated healthcare”), the costs of your short-stay inpatient treatment in our clinic will be covered. In a personal consultation, we will be happy to tell you for which operations and with which health insurers direct contracts have been concluded. If your health insurer is not yet among our direct-contract partners, we will be pleased to make a corresponding enquiry on your behalf. For any questions in this respect, please contact Ms Monika Zocaro. She will be pleased to help you (E-Mail: , Phone: 06131-97229-15). For private patients, the Pflegesatzvereinbarung (Agreement on Clinic Rates) for private hospitals in accordance with section 30 of the German Industrial Code applies.
  • The right choice: Our Day Clinic “Tagesklinik Am Brand”
    • Health is our most precious asset. It is our aim to give all patients the opportunity to receive the best possible medical care. This includes providing clear and comprehensible information about modern care options. Read more about outpatient and short-term inpatient treatment at day clinics, and how important these options are for the medicine of the future, for providing safe, high-quality care to patients. Since, due to demographic change, the number of surgical interventions is increasing. Not all of these interventions need to be performed in hospitals –  and not all of them can, especially since the primary function of hospitals is the delivery of emergency care. Therefore, day clinics ease the burden on hospitals and give doctors the chance to offer patients quick and reliable treatment options.  In addition to the advantages of guaranteed treatment by specialists and a high level of safety, the following arguments also speak in favour of day clinics:
      • Cutting-edge surgical techniques carried out by highly specialized doctors experienced in performing the surgical procedures in question
      • Care “from a single source: Patients are operated by “their” specialists, who also provide aftercare and continue the patients’ treatment after the operation.
      • Minimum risk of an infection with highly dangerous resistant germs (since day clinics do not have the broad range of germs as hospitals, where seriously ill intensive-care patients are treated)
      • Reliable appointments with guaranteed execution of the operation, since in our Day Clinic, only planned surgical interventions are carried out.
  • Convincing reasons for choosing our Day Clinic “Tagesklinik Am Brand”
    • Our advantages:
      • The high quality of care provided in our Day Clinic is confirmed by comprehensive QM reports.
      • These reviews are confirmed by patients and operating physicians alike.
      • The economic efficiency of day clinics such as our “Tagesklinik Am Brand” has been undisputed for years. The rates paid are lower than those for hospital beds, although the quality of care is very high.
      • The argument that free beds in hospitals should be occupied first is not valid, since in hospital care utmost priority should be given to emergencies.
  • Prompt care is guaranteed
    • Every year about 800 patients receive short-term inpatient treatment in our Day Clinic. They are provided with prompt, highly professional care, which hospitals would hardly be able to deliver in addition to their normal workload. Without day clinics, waiting times for planned surgical interventions with subsequent care would be much longer. So, this concept is in line with the current political intention to reduce waiting times for medical specialist care.
  • Reliable and future-oriented
    • The Day Clinic “Tagesklinik Am Brand” has been a pioneer as far as this ultramodern yet humane approach to medical care is concerned. Our anaesthesiologists have been promoting the idea of short-term inpatient care after a surgical intervention for many years. Not only privately insured or self-pay patients should be able to benefit from the advantaged of this type of care, but also patients covered by statutory health insurance. For further information on this topic, please refer to: